Thursday, January 20, 2011

chicken tortilla soup - pioneer woman

its not often that i found a delicious recipe that calls for a laundry list of ingredients that i usually have on hand! so... while winter is still in existence in AZ - try it out! or i will when i get there. and change my ways to cooking at home! seriously - how heavenly does that look? ok. maybe i'm just hungry but i'm excited about this recipe. altho one thing i would change is crisping up the tortilla strips and throwing them on top.


  1. That is super involved by my standards, but looks SO TASTY! Maybe I'd feel less overwhelmed by the time factor if I just the chicken ahead of time? Anything that requires me to work in the kitchen for more than twenty minutes usually doesn't happen here...

  2. That looks so good.
    All of her recipes are amazing!