Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mac & Cheese Primavera

I tried THIS recipe last night. It was pretty yummy and, most importantly, quick and easy! I just took the veggies out for Riley.

(I didn't add the green beans and my basil wasn't fresh.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ham & Scalloped Potatoes guessed it...from mommy
This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE meals
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
3lb ham
whole cloves
In small bowl mix 1/2 tsp ground mustard, 1 T vinegar, 1/4 cup brown sugar

Cut ham both ways (as seen in the picture). Stick a whole clove in each space (where the cuts meet...if that makes sense) Bake for an hour with the cloves in.

Take ham out & remove the cloves after 1 hour is up. Spread the glaze over the top of the ham & bake for another 30 minutes.
I prefer to get ham with no skin, the glaze really seeps in better that way!

Scalloped Potatoes:
6 Medium potatoes (about 4 cups) sliced into small pieces.

In a sauce pan:
melt 3 T of butter on low heat, add 3 T of flour and a little bit of salt & pepper. Stir until smooth & bubbly. Stir in 2 1/2 cups of milk (I use rice milk). Add some minced onion for flavor. Heat to a boil. Boil & stir for 1 minute.

In a 9x13 pan: put the potatoes in and pour sauce over. I like to mix it a bit to make sure it gets all over.

Bake 30 minutes covered. Remove cover & bake for another 30 minutes.

I like to put the ham in for 30 minutes, then put the potatoes in. 30 minutes later remove the cloves & cover from the potatoes. Then, cook for the last 30 minutes. Sometimes the potatoes need a little more time then an hour total. So, I remove the ham, let the potatoes bake for a bit longer, then put the ham back in for a few to get warm.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Also one of my mom's recipes...this is SO delish
Sweet & Sour Chicken

2 or 3 boneless, skinless chicken breast (cut up into small pieces)
1 can of pineapple chunks
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 T cornstarch
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 T soy sauce
3/4 cup chopped green pepper

In a bowl, put: juice from the pineapple, brown sugar, cornstarch, vinegar, soy sauce and mix well.

Cook chicken in a skillet/pan. After chicken is close to being done, add chopped peppers (if you like the peppers more cooked add them earlier). Next, add pineapple chunks and pour sauce into the pan. Let it cook for a bit, until the sauce thickens.

Best if served with rice :)

Raspberry Dessert

My mom makes this YUMMY raspberry dessert. Here is the gluten free version of it: Start with a package of MI-DEL Arrowroot animal cookies. Put all of the cookies into a food processor and mix until they are all crumbs.
In a 9x13 pan cover the bottom of the pan with a nice layer of crushed cookies. Set aside a little bit to put on top.

Next, get the raspberry sherbet, put it into a bowl and let it soften a bit.
After the sherbet has softened add a container of cool whip and mix.
Pour the sherbet & cool whip mix into the pan, over the layer of cookie crumbs. Put the rest of the crumbs on top. Put in freezer and let harden.

After a couple of hours, or whenever you want...ENJOY!
My mom uses Mother's Macaroons cookies...which are NOT gluten free

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's One

I want to try this:

Frozen Grasshopper Squares

Looks easy and delish!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

links to recipes

I think I'm gonna have to try this CHICKEN WON TON SALAD recipe out. I found it on the unwrapped link that Jill had on her blog today... seriously looks delish!

Also ran across Baked Lemon Pasta on The Pioneer Woman site. It looks mighty tasty! If you want the step-by-step directions that she provides on her site go here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I want to try this Tortilla and Black Bean Pie out sometime soon... but I don't have a springform pan. Ideas? Or are those pans cheap?

Fabulous Apricot Cheese Ball

1 pkg cream cheese
1/3 cup shredded/flaked coconut
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

apricot preserves/jam
diced green onions
walnuts/pecans chopped small

mix first 3 above ingredients and form into ball or square

pour apricot preserves over ball (and add if ball is getting too dry)
sprinkle with green onions, walnuts and craisins (i usually add about the same amount of each - but that's up to your own liking i guess)

serve with an assortment of crackers.

i made this for a girls get together this last weekend and the plate was scrapped clean! and of course, i made this for mom's retirement party as well. no pic - sorry.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Better than 'anything' cake

1 chocolate cake mix
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 container of caramel sauce (you don't have to use the whole thing, I didn't)
cool whip
1 heath candy bar

Bake cake according to directions. After it cools poke several holes in it. Pour the can of s&c milk over it, spread and make sure it gets into all of the holes. Next, pour the caramel over and do the same thing (spread & make sure it gets in all holes.) After that spread cool whip over the top & crush heath bar on top. Refrigerate until ready to enjoy.
I like to add more cool whip to my piece when I cut it :)