Friday, May 22, 2009

Raspberry Dessert

My mom makes this YUMMY raspberry dessert. Here is the gluten free version of it: Start with a package of MI-DEL Arrowroot animal cookies. Put all of the cookies into a food processor and mix until they are all crumbs.
In a 9x13 pan cover the bottom of the pan with a nice layer of crushed cookies. Set aside a little bit to put on top.

Next, get the raspberry sherbet, put it into a bowl and let it soften a bit.
After the sherbet has softened add a container of cool whip and mix.
Pour the sherbet & cool whip mix into the pan, over the layer of cookie crumbs. Put the rest of the crumbs on top. Put in freezer and let harden.

After a couple of hours, or whenever you want...ENJOY!
My mom uses Mother's Macaroons cookies...which are NOT gluten free


  1. Thanks for posting this! I think this is one of Ryan's all-time favs!

  2. YUM! i haven't had that in SO long!