Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ckn parmesan

This is my first mobile posting on the blog. But this was chicken parmesan we made a couple weeks ago.
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EDIT: per lindsay's comment/request...

i used the same breading as i do with the chicken tenders/bites (ritz & parmesan combo). i used 2 chicken breasts and cut them in half lengthwise (to make 2 thinner pieces of chicken). then i placed them on parchment paper and covered them with it as well. i then used a heavy pan and pounded them down a bit. there are actual kitchen tools for this - sometimes the opposite side of a meat tenderizer... but a pan will do just fine.

then lightly cover them in olive oil and bread with ritz/parm mixture.

baked at 425 until done (about 20 minutes... and i flip half way through)

then top with some pasta sauce and parmesan and/or mozzarella cheese. throw back in the oven for about 5 minutes for sauce to heat through and cheese to melt. serve on pasta.


  1. That looks so good!! I've been wanting to try chicken parmesan for a while, but never get around to doing it (too much work?). Ryan would love it if I made it since that is the dish he always orders at Italian restaurants. Instructions would be appreciated. :) (Very tricky posting with your phone!)

  2. mmmmmm that sounds good! I haven't had it in a while. yummmmmy! (I'm imagining you pounding your chicken with a pan...hahaha)

  3. yes, tim turned around when he heard the noise and i'm pretty sure he wanted to bust out laughing. :o)

    it really does work though!

  4. hahahahaha I'm sure it does! :)