Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who likes ketchup?!

Pardon me, I mean... Who LOVES Heinz Ketchup?!

Oh, right. You are my siblings and have been addicted to Heinz Ketchup since mom put it in our baby bottles. I actually don't doubt that.

Check out these Secret Spice Cookies. Yes, the recipe calls for Heinz Ketchup.

I 'Like' Heinz Ketchup on Facebook. And they posted this recipe on there today. I think it sounds quite interesting. And I know you all have a year supply of the stuff in your pantry, so try it out!


  1. I vote Mindy makes these and brings them for us all to try on Sunday! :)

  2. whooooaaaa! hahaha! Craziness! Someone needs to be the brave one to try em out. hmmm... that's funny about the baby bottles. lol

  3. Yeah, pretty funny about the baby bottles! We do have a lot of ketchup in the pantry--do you? Who is going to try the cookies?

  4. hahaha apparently i dont check this often enough :)

    haha. i have like three bottles in the fridge. BUT
    did you all know that heinz now has a SIMPLY KETCHUP and it doesnt have high fructose corn syrup?

  5. oh did i mention i do not have ginger, or all spice, or molasses? haha sorry guys