Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Greek Pasta Salad

I had this at a baby shower and it was divine, so I asked the lady who brought it for the recipe. She brought it cold, sans chicken. For our dinner I did it with the chicken and served warm. I set aside some for Ryan before adding the olives, red peppers, tomatoes, and feta cheese. I LOVE the flavor combo of having all of it together! It was delish and easy! I recommend it!

*I'll give you the same disclaimer as the lady gave me: the seasoning contains MSG... if that matters to you.

Greek Pasta Salad

1 lb. corkscrew or penne pasta
Chicken breast – brown in olive oil and lot’s of cavendar’s seasoning
1 can olives – sliced
1 red pepper – diced
Broccoli – cooked till soft (not overcooked- can run cold water on it to
stop the cooking)
Cherry tomatoes - optional
Feta Cheese – crumbled

Mix all together - Add dressing – then add feta last

½ cup olive oil
½ cup vinegar
3 Tbsp cavendar’s greek seasoning (yellow and red container found in
the spice aisle of any store)

** for authentic greek salad use artichoke hearts instead of broccoli. I
just don’t like artichoke hearts so I changed it.


  1. oooh. that does sound tasty - minus olives. did ryan like it? i guess it would be hard not to if he ate it plain!

  2. Well, I think he liked it. Even though he didn't have lots of the added stuff, the dressing definitely has a distinct taste (which I love) and he didn't make any grossed-out faces. :)