Tuesday, August 17, 2010

zucchini bites

this is an easy summer side dish or appetizer. i've made it a few times this summer - and finally decided to take a picture. and this has been a perfect use of leftover breading from chicken bites or other breaded chicken recipes. {ritz/parm mix consists of 1 sleeve Ritz and 1/4 cup shredded or grated parmesan cheese... blended together in food processor}

you need: 2 zucchini, ritz/parmesan breading mix, marinara sauce

preheat oven to 425*
slice zucchini about 1/4" - 1/3" thick
rinse in water
cover in ritz/parmesan breading mix
place on foiled and Pam'd baking sheet
cook for about 10 minutes, turn zucchini over
cook for another 10 or until crispy... or desired doneness.

enjoy with hot marinara sauce.

oh, and my 3rd time making these was a charm. i realized in order to make them as crispy as i like i needed to place the pan on the bottom row in the oven. worked much better.


  1. mmm.....maybe I'll have to try those sometime....yummmy

  2. Seriously, I want some of those RIGHT NOW! I love anything involving zucchini! I just don't think I'll be making these any time soon since I avoid using the oven at all costs right now; it heats up the house so fast! :(

  3. so what kind of meals do you make during the summer w/o using the oven?

  4. Well, it can be a challenge since Ryan doesn't like typical "cool" summer meals like pasta salad, or any other kind of salad. :) So, I just try to utilize the crockpot (in the garage) as much as possible, or make as much of the meal in the morning (when it's not as hot) as possible and reheat at dinner time. One of my favorite no-cook, low-stress meals for the summer is "build your own sub." I just have different deli meat, cheeses, and other toppings to put on yummy buns. Serve with chips and/or summer melon(s) and it's a good meal!

  5. duh! why do i always forget about the crockpot. i actually did chicken in the crockpot this week for ckn enchiladas/burritos. its so much easier -and less work after a long work.

    you guys seriously grill in 100+? I didn't want to grill last weekend because it was mid-90s. HA. Oh well.

  6. yum!! i'm going to make these tomorrow!

    and hopefully i'll get to post on here tomorrow too! i have a few recipes i need to post!