Friday, August 20, 2010

Honey Whole Wheat Bread (with flax seed)

i used the recipe HERE on martha stewart's website.

NOTE: i added ground flax seed (ground in the blender).
next time i will probably add even more grains.

jim and i watched the move food inc earlier this week.
and it seriously changed our outlook on food.
i know i can't change everything we want to immediately...
but making my own bread is one thing that is really easy to do!

we really loved this recipe and will probably use it most of the time...
unless i find something else we like better.


  1. That looks delish! I bet the flax seed gave it great flavor and texture! I'm planning on making bread weekly once it's not triple digits anymore!

  2. yum! i need to make my own bread. that looks good.

  3. when i made this weeks bread i also ground up some pumpkin seeds and it's so so good. i love that my kids love it too.