Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mexican Food

Well, mexican food is one thing I can eat :) We usually have tostadas/burritos atleast once a week.

MY tostadas go like this:

Open a can of refried beans and put in a sauce pan on the stove. After they are heated to your liking remove them from heat.

Warm some tostada shells in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds.

Take a spoonful of beans and put it on the tostada.

Add whatever toppings you would like.

YES I add ketchup to mine :)


  1. okay, you are so great. you totally made me laugh out loud. i LOVE tostados with ketchup, but haven't (been allowed to by tim) in a LONG time. :o)

    i might have to have that again soon.

  2. love it traci! and i LOVE ketchup on mine too. i can handle the teasing from others. ha!

    i love to have black bean tostados too! my grocery store has organic black bean refried beans that are so good! i also add cheese to my beans while they're heating up!

    ok. where is mindy??

  3. Ok, I really don't understand the tostadas with ketchup...tacos (because of the meat) I can kind of see...

    We do burros about once a week, but tostadas would mix things up a bit. Thanks, Traci!