Monday, April 6, 2009

ok. so my go to recipe is very simple.

i use a pound of ground beef and brown it in a skillet with a generous amount of garlic salt.
when the meat is done i add a jar of traditional ragu (cringe all you want i love it!).
and i always use angel hair pasta.

it's one of the few ways i can get sage to eat veggies without realizing it! :)

anyways! that's one i usually make once a week.

i'm so excited about this blog! ok. mindy + traci...your turn!


  1. i had that last night. except i reduce my ragu, and add a can of diced tomatoes, about 1/4 cup finely chopped white onion, oregano and some garlic salt. i had fresh parsley on hand, so i added a handful of that as well. i had leftovers today and they were DELISH! :o) i'll post my 'go-to' dish soon.

  2. We usually have spaghetti about once a week, too :) Sometimes, to mix it up, I make "goolash" instead. (Don't ask why my mom called it that.) It's just a different variety of noodles (any kind) and the meat and sauce poured into it along with corn and cheese...ends up being like a casserole. I wish Ryan liked stuff in his spaghetti sauce, cause I love it chunky with all kinds of veggies! Alas, it is usually plain Ragu for us:)

  3. ryan + amy definetly win for being the LEAST picky of the riggs kids.

    i might be able to handle the goolash with corn minus the cheese...i have issues. :)

  4. you should try out the garden style ragu sometime... i LOVE it. but maybe ryan wouldn't!?

  5. is the garden style chunky??

  6. I love the garden style, but Ryan doesn't, so sometimes I heat up a little sauce separate for myself.

  7. yeah, its pretty chunky but its tasty. if you can eat a salad - you can eat this! :o)