Sunday, March 14, 2010

mama'a stove top zucchini

this one is from our friend audra. i loved this when she made it for us a few months back.

ingredients: oil, onion, tomatoes, garlic salt, pepper, jack cheese and zucchini

chop 1/2 onion into smaller pieces
stir fry in pan with tiny bit of oil (medium flame/heat)
add whole can of tomatoes
wash and slice zucchini
add to pan, add salt & pepper
cover and let cook on low
cook till starts to look clear in center...
turn off stove and sprinkle with grated jack cheese


  1. hmmm...sounds interesting! :)

  2. I actually love zucchini! Did she serve this as a main dish or side?

  3. a side to a chicken dish if i remember correctly - sorry, i just added a tag to it.