Friday, March 26, 2010


would you all mind sharing what your weekly meal plans usually look like? i'm finally going to get my big booty to the grocery store so we can make meals at home.

when we have food in the house, we usually do:

chicken enchiladas & spanish rice
grilled chicken & veggies in baked potato
hashbrowns & eggs
chicken & veggie OR just veggie stir fry & rice
lindsay gave me some good crockpot ideas which i'll try out after grocery shopping.

i'm blanking on other simple ideas.

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  1. This is what this week's menu was/is.

    -Minestrone soup and whole wheat rolls (Minestrone recipe is easy peasy)
    -Chicken Taco Salad (just cook chicken in crockpot, shred and add taco seasoning about an hour before dinner, serve with whatever...we had refried beans, cheese, salsa, guac)
    -Grilled Chicken and Italian noodles (Pasta Roni Olive Oil and Herb flavor), fruit
    -Raspberry Vinaigrette Chicken and noodles (Mindy's made this for the fam before...chicken and peppers flavored with the dressing...I served over whole wheat rotini noodles), salad
    -Bean Burros (every friday night unless we're out...we use the cook yourself tortillas...Riley LOVES bean burros)
    -Pizza (every Sat night unless we're out...pepperoni for Ryan, any veggies on hand for me)

    Let me know if you want more info on the above, or any more ideas! (Spaghetti's an easy one if you keep the noodles and sauce on hand.)