Wednesday, March 17, 2010

tims bday cake

i'm trying out this recipe for tim's birthday cake.

ice cream cake - real (ice cream + yellow cake) oh, and instead of coffee ice cream i'm going to pick up some soft serve from DQ...

just found this one:
easy ice cream cake- real (made with ice cream sandwiches)

if you have other ideas, let me know. :o)
should be at least 20 people at our party, but as you know not all adults want a piece of cake... ?


  1. Both of those look so good! The ice cream sandwich one looks especially doable. I made an ice cream "cake" a while was a "grasshopper" recipe. Just an oreo crust on bottom of 9 by 13 pan then mint choc. chip ice cream on top of that. Crushed up oreos on top just before serving. Yummy and easy! Would be good with cookies and cream ice cream, too. Wish we could be there to sample the cake!