Monday, March 22, 2010

tim's 30th birthday party food

brownie bite topped with a little homemade whipping cream and a fresh raspberry
these flew off the plate at the party
this is the only good pic i have of the caprese skewers
(this is tim's sister - jae. she came out for the weekend with tyler)
cherry tomato, basil leaf, mozzarella ball (or slice would work)
plate drizzled with EVOO, served with a side dish of balsamic vinegar to dip in
the spread: veggies platter, bruschetta (i'll post my recipe later), caprese skewers, parmesan-thyme rolls, canadian maple leaf sugar cookies, salsa and chips (from la luz - local taco shop), cheese dip in the fondue pot, brownie bites in the far corner, hummus with pita chips.
parm-thyme rolls
maple leaf cookies
(threw on some red sugar sprinkles after)


  1. YUMMY!! It all looks great! The brownie bites turned out good! Everything looks so nice!

  2. It all looks awesome! Definitely want the bruschetta recipe! You're so thoughtful to go to so much work for Tim's bday! How was the ice cream cake? How did you like the hummus? :)

  3. ice cream cake/pies were awesome. got a couple questions on where i got them. homemade :o)

    the hummus was pretty good, it was the plain kind but it really wasn't bad at all.

    and the bruschetta was seriously delish! i'll work on the recipe... we really threw things together for it. 1/2 canned tomatoes - 1/2 fresh tomatoes made it a lot easier and super flavorful!

  4. Oh, and I love your apothecary jars! Are they everyday decorations or...?

  5. they are... i used to have them up above the cabinets but it didn't do them justice. so i just filled them with wine corks, beans, and pasta and moved them to the island. thanks for saying the name. jae & i could not think of the name of the jars!

  6. What's your recipe for the whipped cream? Just whipping cream + a little vanilla and powdered sugar? And where did you buy the brownie bites? I'm thinking Costco?

  7. whipping cream, about 3 tablespoons sugar, about 1 teaspoon vanilla... and whip forever :o)